A Better Idea

better idea

“I got a better idea.”

My three-year old must say this twenty times a day. He’s three! How could he possibly have a better idea than us? He’s younger than everyone else in the house by far!

But here’s the thing.

How often to our students share their better ideas?

How often do our staff members?

I would bet that it is nowhere near twenty. I would bet that it is almost never.

Now I can only imagine what would happen if a teacher’s students told her twenty times a day that they had a better idea.

And I’m not saying that I want to go to work and hear twenty times that someone thinks that they have a better idea than mine.

But why not?

Let’s be honest.

How often do we think that?

Isn’t that what we do all the time as connected educators?

We connect in the hopes of finding better ideas.

So what happens to our students and staff once they enter our buildings?

Do they stop having better ideas?

Or are we suppressing them?

Maybe there’s still hope.

Maybe these better ideas still exist. Maybe they have been waiting all along for just a chance to be heard. They realize that they are not all perfect. But they also know that they are not alone.

And they believe that if enough of them are set free then maybe, just maybe, one of them will reach the surface.

Can you imagine the power of this shift? Our staff and students trying to come up with better ideas and then having the courage and permission to share them.

All of them don’t need to be verbalized and all of them won’t be. But if these better ideas know that one day, one of them will be heard, I believe that they will band together to create something great.

And they might just..

Dare I say it?

Come up with a better idea.