My Expectations Were Not Met


We’ve all had times in our lives when people did not meet our expectations. And oftentimes as a result of these experiences we begin to expect less and tolerate more.

I have spent the past two days with the organizers of @EdCampUNY. I flew all the way from Maryland just to attend the event. Being away from my wife and kids was not easy, but I thought the trip would be worth it.

So when I called home to check in on my family, my wife asked me if everyone was what I expected. I told her yes.

But then I gave her question a little more thought. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized I was wrong.

Everyone was not what I expected. The folks that I had been so excited to meet did not meet my expectations.

They exceeded them!

The folks that I had the honor of joining this weekend were:

More passionate than I could have expected.

More knowledegable than I ever realized.

More fun than I thought possible.

But more than anything, the folks I had the honor of spending the weekend with were kinder than I could have ever imagined.

I have read many pieces about the connections that are made at edcamps so I had some idea of what to expect. I knew that good conversations would be had and that I would come away with knowledge and tools that would make me a better educator.

What I came away with was so much more!

What I came away with was new friendships.

What I came away with was inspiration.

But more than anything, what I came away with was a glimpse of the possible.

And wow, what I saw of it was pretty amazing!

I am back home now. On my couch. With my family. In my pajamas. Preparing for a new week. I had expected a lot from @EdCampUNy and the folks that organized the event. Fortunately for me they didn’t meet my expectations.

They exceeded them!

I can’t wait until next year.