“With a strikingly open and authentic perspective, Jon Harper takes the ordinary events of working in education and makes them extraordinary. He creates a reflective atmosphere which challenges full-time working graduate students to step back and find the silver lining in their own classroom mistakes. Harper’s approach on addressing personal mistakes is genuinely designed to work for educators at all levels in their career to make them a more meaningful educator.”

Brian Cook, Ed.D.
Salisbury University

Jon is a valuable member of my community of learners for one reason. Not only is he willing to share his mistakes, but he takes the time to value all the mistakes that happen in your own learning too. After meeting Jon through twitter, I knew his message was an important one. I thought, why not bring it to my students and it was the best move I could have made. For someone to show interest in my students and their mistakes shows Jon’s love of learning. He is hundreds of miles away from my students, but they still talk about Jon and how he values their learning. This is the type of connection we want for our students and I am grateful for the impact he has made on me and more importantly on my students.

Andrew Kauffman, 3rd Grade Teacher                                                                                               Chandler Elementary School

“Watching the kids’ reactions to Jon’s inspiring talk encouraging us  to share our mistakes was very powerful.  We learn more from our mistakes than our successes so sharing them like Jon said, will open up new opportunities for learning.  Jon’s message was motivating and I think everyone could benefit from following his philosophy.”

Heidi Jones, 5th Grade Teacher                                                                                                                Merton Elementary School


Listen to what Heidi’s class had to say


“It’s good to embrace your mistakes and it’s also good to share your mistakes to others because they’ll share their mistakes back to you.”

Lenny, 5th grade student

“Jon Harper helped turn My Bad into My Good by making it comfortable to talk about and share my mistakes in a positive way.  I learned every Bad can be a good if I take the time to reflect and learn from my mistakes.”

John Kahl, ESOL Teacher                                                                                                                 Choptank Elementary School